How do you update your payment method?

Update Your Payment Method

You can change your payment whenever you would like to do so by visiting Here is the complete procedure that will assist you on how to update the payment method.

Open your preferred web browser and launch the website. Locate and select the “Roku Login” option. You will see two individual fields of Email Address and Password. Input your true and genuine login credentials and then tap “Sign In”.

The main interface of your account page will come into view. Put the cursor on the Profile icon and select “My Account”.

A window will be displayed on your computer screen. As you want to update your payment details, go to the “Payment Method” section. Beneath this section, you will spot an “Update” button. Select it right away.

Select the payment method that you have selected at the point of creating your Roku account. Or, you can also choose another payment method if you want to add a new one. MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal are the payment methods that can be linked with Roku.

If you selected between Debit card or Credit card, enter all the requested details accurately i.e Card Number, expiry date, security code, and CVV. Also, update your full name, Billing Address, and Phone number.

Once you are done with entering all the details, click Submit. Now, when you purchase a new channel subscription from the Roku Channel Store or via, you have to use the Updated payment details.

Updating Your Account PIN

Roku PIN is a four-digit code that you create in order to prevent unauthorized or illegitimate users from making purchases via your account. So whenever you will make a transaction, it is necessary to provide this four-digit Personal Identification Number. However, you can update Roku PIN at regular intervals for ensuring better security. Here are the complete steps by following which you can easily update your PIN.

Proceed forward to and then click on the “Sign In” tab placed at the top-right corner of the window. Mention your Email Id and Password that you have set up while registering with Roku for the first time. Then click “Sign In”.

Now, hover your cursor and put it over the “Profile” icon. Select “My Account”. In the next window, tap the “Update” button given beneath the “PIN Preference” section.

This will bring up the “Choose your PIN Preferences” window. Under the Change Current PIN section, you will view two separate fields i.e “New PIN” and “Verify PIN”.

Hence, input a four-digit PIN that is easy to remember but impossible to guess by any unauthorized user. Then, confirm the PIN by entering it again into the “Verify PIN” field.

In addition, you can also change your PIN Preferences by selecting the radio button given under the section of “Making Purchases and Adding Content”.

Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button. This will successfully change your PIN. To acquire a new channel subscription via, you have to now provide this updated PIN for completing your purchase.

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